Spiritual Counseling 

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling is an ancient contemplative practice common to many faith traditions. The intent of Spiritual Counseling is to explore and engage in a living relationship with God, and to notice the presence of the Divine in one’s daily life.

On the surface Spiritual Counseling may resemble traditional counseling or therapy. We will sit together and talk. I may ask questions in order for us to discern what it is that brings you to the session. But whereas traditional therapy or counseling may be solution oriented or directive, focusing on problem solving, or developing strategies for addressing the external world experience, Spiritual Counseling offers a more contemplative atmosphere of inquiry. Within this contemplative atmosphere we will listen for what is taking place within you and within your relationship with God, and how this internal reality can influence your outer-world experience.   In Interfaith Spiritual Counseling we may focus less specifically on religious context and instead, inquire into your experience of Spirit within, and listen for that expression of God which is authentic  to  you.

What Does Interfaith Mean?

Interfaith as a tradition is not denomination specific, seeking instead to engage at the level of our shared essential spirituality. Drawing on the accumulated wisdom and experience of the many religions, spiritual philosophies and cultures of the world, emphasis shifts from differences to what we have in common, thus lessening the perception of separation and accentuating our shared humanity. 

What Happens in a Spiritual Counseling Session

A counseling session will include dialog, inquiry and deep listening,
as we explore the depths of your relationship with God, as you relate to God. The session will likely be spacious, allowing for contemplation, reflection or meditation. We may discuss ways in which you could develop and practice a mindful awareness of the Grace already present in day-to-day life. We may be directed to the use of prayer, writing or other forms of  expression as we explore and rekindle an intimate and personal relationship with the Divine.    Though there are only two of us in the session, we always invite and welcome the presence of the true Counselor.

The Gifts of  Spiritual Counseling

 Support: Having support and being witnessed is essential to the spiritual journey. It helps us make sense of our experiences.

Community: Particularly for those whose spirituality or religion is experienced outside conventional or formal structures, the way can feel quite loenly and daunting at times, for we often practice without the benefit of congregation or spiritual community.

Communion: Companionship through Spiritual Counseling reminds and encourages us, in the midst of the busyness of lives with such emphasis on personal achievement and material gain, to tend to our spiritual dimensions. It assists in guiding us back to the quiet internal realm which is our true home.

What This Work  Does Not Address

While it may often be appropriate to discuss personal and relational challenges in the context of Spiritual Counseling, I am not a psychotherapist, nor should this work be used as a substitute for psychotherapy.  In the event that such emotional or psychological issues arise that are beyond the scope of this work, suitable adjunct treatment and support will be recommended.

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Energy Work

Reiki and Earth Sky Medicine

The foundation of the Energy Work I offer is based in Reiki and is augmented by Earth Sky Medicine, an emerging system of Energy Work.   I am a certified Reiki Master and 2nd Degree Earth Sky Medicine Lineage practitioner. I’ve been practicing Energy Work for over 15 years.   

What is Energy Work?

Energy Work is a gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing involving the transmission of energy through the practitioner to the client. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is  the Japanese word, for Universal Life Energy,  which is all around us and within us. While we all have access to this Energy, the Reiki practitioner has received attunements which open greater flow of the Energy, which, with practice, guidance and mentorship can then be directed for the purpose of providing healing and balance to those who receive it. Likewise, Earth Sky Medicine is an energy healing system which is transmitted and received through by similar means.  

What does Energy Work do?

Energy Work is used to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself by restoring and balancing the natural Life-Force-Energy within the body. It is natural and holistic, touching all levels of a person’s being: body, mind, and spirit. It can assist in releasing energy blockages which may be contributing to physical and emotional discomfort or disease. 

What happens during a session?

The typical session will last 1 to 1 1/2hours. While the client lays on a massage table, fully clothed., I place my hands lightly on different points of the body, usually beginning at the top of the head and gradually working my way to the feet.  

At the start of the session the client is welcome to discuss with me any particular issues they would like to address during the treatment.  It’s not unusual for either me or the recipient to receive information in the form of images, thoughts, intuition or an ‘internal  voice’ during the session. Consciously engaging with information received may assist the client in actively participating in his or her own healing. All of which can lead to the release of energy blockages and result in making connections between the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  

During the treatment the recipient may enter a state of deep relaxation and simply receive  Energy, or he or she may remain fully alert and actively participate in the work. It is not unusual for a client to simply fall asleep and wake relaxed and energized. The depth, participation and activity level of each session is entirely at the client’s discretion and discernment.  The soul knows what it needs and the Energy, always gentle, wise and nourishing, knows where it is needed. The resulting effects can be very subtle and powerful at the same time.

How will I feel after a session?

The immediate effects may be a renewed sense of  clarity, ease, and wellbeing.  One may sense a significant decrease in tension, a feeling of  physical wellbeing and increased energy. On occasion, the experience of deep emotional release may  result in feeling a bit tired and 'tender' for a period of time following the session.

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As an ordained Interfaith Minister, I am available to create and officiate personalized marriage and commitment ceremonies. Together, with you and your prospective spouse or partner, we will create a ceremony that reflects the essence of your relationship, your personal beliefs and commitments.

I am also available to create and officiate other sacred passages, including memorial services and  baby blessings . 

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“Spiritual life is like living water that springs up from the very depths of our own spiritual experience. In spiritual life everyone has to drink from his or her own well.”


St. Bernard of Clairvaux


“All other spiritual teachings are in vain if we cannot love.”

Jack Kornfield – Buddhism


“… Interfaith does not water down the religions – as a river, it just becomes a wider body of water – it is still water….”

Source Unknown


"Pay attention to the ‘promptings’ of the Holy Spirit -  Holy Spirit moves us to do things we never thought we could do – in everything I do, Holy Spirit is
with me."

Source Unknown


“If you are not intensely dedicated to a high ideal, then comfort becomes or goal by default and every difficulty becomes a crisis.”

Ivan M. Granger

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

John Wooden


“You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born… Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens… Just wait for the birth… for the moment of clarity”

Rainer Maria Rilke

“The ultimate knowledge is that we do not know.”

Rabbi Schneerson




“The teacher kindles the light; The oil is already in the lamp.”


Prophet Muhammad



“One prostration of prayer to God frees you from a thousand prostrations to the ego.”

Islamic prayer.


“Truth is one, paths are many….. There is no end to the variety of approaches to the Absolute One. We call You by different names – God, Allah, Adonai, Creator, the Divine, Light, Love. Sometimes we call You Him. Sometimes we call You Her. Every name we say is a name for the same Truth.”

Rev. Wendy

"Harmony of religions is not uniformity; it is
unity in diversity. It is not a fusion of religions, but a fellowship
of religions, based on their common goal -- communion with the truth."

Sri Ramakrishna

“In embracing the spirit of Interfaith understanding, we recognize that the same Truth found in each one of our chosen faiths is reflected in all other faiths as well.  May we respect and learn from all the paths, and follow any one of them to experience peace and uncover the Divine.”

Rev. Wendy


“Lord, it is all Your name;  It is all Your form;
It is all Your deed; It is all for good.”

Swami Satchidananda


"O God,

help me

to believe

the truth about myself

no matter

how beautiful it is!"

Macrina Wiederkehr





“A bend in the road

Is not the end of the road

Unless you fail to make the turn.”

Source Unknown


“In order for God to accomplish
the impossible

We are sometimes asked to do the ridiculous.”

Source Unknown














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